We found out about Sergio via his website on the internet pre his affiliation with Sotheby’s International Realty ®. Thinking back to those days as well as today, we always feel at ease with him. He never pushes us nor favor one property over another; he always presents the facts and then let’s us digest the information. Needless to say we have purchased numerous properties with Sergio, we consider him both an expert and a close friend. We highly recommend Sergio Llach and his team to anyone looking to buy luxury properties in the Dominican Republic.

Andrea and Tammy, Montecarlo, MonacoL

Hi Sergio, Thank you again for all your help and for always being available when we need you. We also wanted to tell you that we went to this big fund raiser last night and we met fellow owners and of course we began talking about our new home in Casa de Campo. Immediately your name came up and everyone was raving about how wonderful, fun and efficient you are. All very nice things were said and I thought how happy you would be to know how people have responded to you. Everyone there holds you in very high regards. Great job! See you soon,

Lisa and Jason, Manhattan, New York

My husband and I had been looking for a warm place to escape the increasingly unacceptable cold winters. After visiting several times, and loving the D.R. we decided to pursue real estate opportunities there. While researching on the internet, we came across Sergio's website. From the first inquiry, Sergio was incredibly responsive and informative. He asked questions of us that really helped us define how we would utilize our property, and to narrow down exactly what we were looking for, even though we weren't quite sure we knew ourselves. He had a 2-day itinerary planned before we even flew down there, and kept open a line of communication by continuously clarifying, updating, and confirming these plans prior to our arrival. Three days later, after viewing all of our options, we chose the initial property that he had suggested at the beginning of our trip. It is really amazing how with careful listening and analysis, Sergio had been right from the start! The day prior to our return flight home, we put in a formal offer and came home to ponder what we had done. Sergio has continued to keep in touch with us, and has been invaluable in helping us navigate the process of purchasing in a foreign country. He continues to inform us, advocate for us, and share new and interesting updates with us. We feel blessed to have found such a wonderful, helpful, knowledgeable person to be in our lives, and look forward to many years of friendship as we spend more time in the D.R.

Maria and Josef, Greenwich, CT.

Dear Sergio, We are dropping you this note to let you know how excited we are with our decision to purchase a property in the Dominican Republic and to thank you for guiding us through the process. From our very first communication you asked the right questions and always acted in our best interest. Your knowledge of the various resorts as well as of current market conditions is impressive. We liked very much that you provided numerous options for us in more than one resort. The entire process ended with true piece-of-mind, and a great home in the DR. Sergio, in short, you made the entire process very enjoyable and easy. Without your help we know that our process would have been much more difficult. We also value the friendship that developed with you during the process and afterwards.

Henrique and Estefania, Caracas, Venezuela

Sergio is what everybody who's looking to buy real estate overseas can only hope for: an easy-going, knowledgeable and trustworthy person to guide your choices. We are born Dominicans living in Paris. After two months of emails and telephone conversations, he planned our itinerary to make the best use of our time, arranged all of the meetings and property tours, always gave us background information, accompanied us everywhere, and made our trip efficient and enjoyable. I would recommend his services to anyone without question. In the short time that we spent with him -- 3 days -- he went from being a service provider to being a friend.

Doralisa, Paris, France